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Worry less. Live more.

The Monthly Payments For Life Company

Life Stream

How we help retirees?

Life Stream purchases a portion of your home to provide you with a lump-sum payment and a life-time income stream, so you can live life to the fullest while remaining in your home.

A simple concept for an extraordinary outcome.

Life Stream


  • As safe as houses

    Life Stream is not a reverse mortgage — there is no debt to the bank, so your home and assets are safe. Life Stream bears the brunt of the risk.

  • Loosen the purse strings

    Many retirees have money tied up in their home and assets but not a lot sitting in their wallets. Life Stream transfers your wealth to your wallet.

  • Your home is your castle

    Forget downsizing — with our debt-free Home Equity Release you get to live in and enjoy your home for as long as you wish.

  • Cash in your chips

    No more waiting around to win a lottery. We provide you with an up-front cash payment. It’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade your car or take that big holiday you haven't been able to afford.

  • Your own money tree

    Money from the Age Pension is hardly enough to live a modest life, let alone the comfortable lifestyle you deserve. Life Stream provides you with indexed, regular monthly payments for the rest of your life.

I want a retirement free of financial stress

Many Australians have worked hard all their lives, but still experience a
financial challenge in their retirement.