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How it works

An Overview

Lifestream can buy a minor portion of your home in return for:

Your Lifestream monthly payments increase every year (indexed). Plus, they are paid for as long as you or your spouse live OR until you decide to sell your home.

We give you total flexibility. You can use your lump sum payment in any way you wish. And your monthly payment from Lifestream can be set at an amount which gives you ongoing peace of mind.

In November 2020 the Australian Treasury released its Final report for the Retirement Income Review. This report looks into Australia’s retirement income system.

Prominent among its many findings were that:

“the home is the most important component of voluntary savings”; and
“accessing equity in the home can significantly boost retirement incomes”.

Lifestream does exactly this.

Life Stream


I’m not ready to move to a retirement village

Moving into retirement villages or aged care facilities can see homesickness set in. Leaving the home you love increases your risk of stress and depression — both of which accelerate physical and cognitive decline. Staying in your home — if you’re healthy enough to do so — improves quality of life, which improves mental and physical health.