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How much could we receive from MyHomeStream?

How much could we receive from MyHomeStream?

The exact amounts MyHomeStream can pay you (upfront and every month thereafter) depends on the fair market value of your home and what percentage of your home you decide to sell.

To start our friendly discussions, we are happy to work with an approximate value of your home i.e. one that you think is realistic. (If you decide to proceed, a valuation will be undertaken by an independent valuer – for everyone’s peace of mind. But that can wait for now).

Your MyHomeStream consultant will provide you with indicative figures at no cost or obligation. You can then tell us whether you would like a little more (or less) paid to you each month or if you would like a different amount paid to you in a lump sum at commencement.

Generally, the lump sum payments MyHomeStream makes are in the range of $1,000-$300,000. The monthly payments MyHomeStream makes are usually in the range of $800-$4,000 per month.