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MyHomeStream can buy an agreed portion of your home in return for:

Your MyHomeStream monthly payments increase every year (indexed). Plus, they are paid for as long as you or your spouse live OR until you decide to sell your home.

We give you total flexibility. You can use your lump sum payment in any way you wish. And your monthly payment from MyHomeStream can be set at an amount which gives you ongoing peace of mind.

Figure 1:
Your MyHomeStream guaranteed payments will be indexed every year and are paid directly into your bank account on the first day of every month.

Key Features

You tell MyHomeStream how much you would like to receive as a lump sum payment at the commencement AND what monthly payments you would like thereafter.
MyHomeStream’s guaranteed monthly payments will continue for as long as you or your spouse are alive OR until you decide to sell your home.
You can sell your home at any time of your choosing.
Once agreed, the percentage of your home you sell to MyHomeStream is fixed and cannot be increased by MyHomeStream.
This is not a bank loan or debt. MyHomeStream simply buys an agreed portion of your home. There are no bank fees or interest of any kind.
MyHomeStream charges a one-off $1,450 – and this is only payable once you agree to proceed and have received your lump sum from MyHomeStream.